Helping growers reduce passes and increase productivity on permanent crops

Executing custom services focused on innovative farming solutions utilizing technology to scale our efficiency.
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What differentiates fuerte ag:

Efficient Farming Systems
Innovative Equipment
Commitment to technology
Field Experience
Diverse Cropping Experience
Large Scale Farming
Operational Capacity
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Farming Practices That respect and protect the Environment

what you get with our team:

Working with Fuerte Ag means working with one of the most seasoned, productive, and innovative farming operations experts in California. 
Our team operates daily across the diverse geography of California. Fuerte is committed to great communication, outside of the box thinking, generating solutions to problems, open-mindedness and execution.

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Fuerte ag

Our focus is on operating one of the largest, most innovative fleets of equipment that is unparalleled in our industry. With innovative equipment we can ensure timely execution that helps you meet your business goals. Our 24/7 logistics team supports our statewide equipment movement to execute custom services with innovative specific logistics for our unique fleet.
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working with excellence

our services


From canopy to herbicide, our rigs are supplemented with weed-seeking and canopy sensing technology as well as rate control and automated mixing. We have the right spraying equipment for your needs.

land development

Need pre or post planting development, or help planting the orchard, our team is here to help.


We have the ability to spread amendments or fertilizer with rate-controlled, dual product and dual placement in a single pass in orchards. Fuerte provides additional services such as floating, mowing and using combination passes to include additional services. We have a comprehensive service of hedging, raking and shredding. Full line of organic farming systems.


Need a team to shake, sweep and pick up? We have large fleet of harvesting equipment with the latest technology including tree-seeking shakers, low-dust catch-frame harvesters, low-dust conditioners. Our scale lets us help you get your crop out of the field with the right moisture. Let Fuerte Ag help you increase efficiency during harvest using our 24/7 crews.
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working with excellence

our special services

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We offer full fleet utilization as a method of efficient operations execution

At Fuerte Ag, we have the tools for your conditions, whether your ranch is flat ground, hills, rocks, or sand, our operators have the best equipment and experience to help you.
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