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Mission statement

To be trusted and respected Personnel Management Leaders recognized by our clients and team members for delivering excellence, being reliable and having solid partnerships.
The Fuerte Group is a personnel management company that works with companies across the state of California and Hawaii providing quality labor services. Our focus is on ensuring our employees receive year-round training and development.

Our commitment to our clients

Serve our clients as a partner by providing the highest quality of professional services designed to support their mission and business needs.

our commitment to our team members

To inspire, educate and support them with humble leadership, based on recommendations and decisions to a common goal of improving our personal and professional lives.

why we are different

We have an exclusive commitment to execute our operations and business decisions based on our core-values.

why work with us

We are truly committed to every team member and their families. We strive to improve their lives by educating and inspiring them to be a better human being and the best version of themselves.
Fuerte AG Services - Cultural Wheat Planting
Fuerte Ag Services is a full-service farm operation management company that specializes in high-level execution to increase efficiency for growers. By using one-of-a-kind innovations on farm equipment, we are able to increase productivity by reducing the number of passes necessary. These innovations adapt standard farming equipment to accomplish multiple operations in one pass, making Fuerte Ag one of the most productive and innovative farm management operations in California.

At Fuerte Ag we saw the opportunity to adapt and innovate farm management and operational practices for the permanent crop industry. We achieve this is by using a large, modern fleet of equipment paired with technology, strategy and great people. We work with customers to build long-term strategies to be more efficient in their operations to help combat the rising costs in the industry. As a lean team we are able to help you make quick decisions and have the ability to be nimble. Our core strength is working on large projects where we are able to scale operations and focus on increasing productivity and efficiency.

The team operates daily on over 100,000 acres of permanent crops across the state of California from the San Joaquin to Sacramento Valley. We can work with you from the development of your crop all the way to harvest and everything that happens in between to ensure a successful and profitable season. Our professional operators work throughout a variety of diverse soil types and topography. When our team goes to service your crop our operators have the experience to adapt to perform by creative thinking and generating solutions to problems.

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